Sustainable materials & innovative solutions

With the strongest innovation organization in the industry and an extended global network of regional labs, reducing carbon emissions is a key priority of our innovation agenda. Half of our innovation projects are aimed at finding low-carbon solutions, whether they are digital tools to empower greener building, breakthroughs in the chemical processes or shaping the future construction industry through 3D-printing.


Discover some of our sustainable building materials and innovative solutions

360 Design

Design 360 is a digital platform that helps our customers design and build more sustainably.


With sources close to the worksite and demanding quality control, we produce high quality recycled aggregates.


Self-levelling building material flows effortlessly, reducing noise and risk on the worksite.


Fully recyclable with a very low CO2 footprint, this mineral foam offers structural, insulating and fire-protecting properties in one product.


Decorative concrete range gives free rein to your boldest architectural projects.

Artevia Boreal

Light-absorbing by day, phosphorescent at night -- Artevia Boreal lights up the night without consuming energy.


Concrete that achieves strength in record time, quickly developing high mechanical resistance - and formworks can be removed much faster.


Simple and free smartphone app to help our customers manage orders and track deliveries of concrete.


Climate impact of road projects are quickly determined using this software.


Ultra High Performance Concrete dramatically increases the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure.


Innovative block takes on deforestation, unemployment and housing shortages all at once.


Industry’s broadest range of green concrete, delivering high-performing, sustainable and circular benefits.


Specialty concrete for industrial floors that extends floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact.


Permeable concrete rapidly absorbs rain water, helps recharge aquifers and reduces the risk of flooding.

Lead Retail app

Customer mobile app to place orders, track deliveries, and check balances in real time - with growing success in Africa.


Digital road design tool that lowers carbon and project costs while lengthening road lifespan.


Reduced CO2 cement with up to 70% lower carbon footprint.


The first and only resource-saving cement in Europe that uses fine mixed granulate from demolished buildings as an additive.


Low thermal-resistivity concrete lowers the energy requirement of high-demand electrical facilities.

Insulating concrete improves insulation and energy performance of residential and office buildings and by reducing heat loss.